Sunday League: A Feature Film Screenplay by Peter Boydell. Draft 2.

When the manager of a rough, local, Sunday League football team dies, a vicar steps into his boots and begins a journey to reclaim his joy in life.

Set in the imaginary story world of Netherton, Vicar Robert is a hunky but somewhat repressed, mid-30’s vicar in charge of Netherton St. Chad’s Church. Struggling with his back-story of loss, Vicar Robert delivers a boring funeral for Ronny, Manager of The Ship F.C. At the funeral he meets an old friend, Denny Pilchards. Denny and Vicar Robert played football together as kids but while Denny went on to play for Northford Albion and England, Robert met a girl and their paths split. Re-united, Denny is the catalyst for Vicar Robert to have one last foray into football and set a course to reclaim his joy in life.


Through karaoke, finger-blasting, head-butts, strip clubs, lusty confessionals and the simulation of sex with a chicken, can Vicar Robert escape his shadow and defeat the tyranny of church administrator Margaret, Archdeacon Hadley and value-meats-empire-sex-pervert Dirty Dougie Ferguson, to bring home the Netherton and Boundaries Cup for Ronny?

Up The Ship!

Please find a copy of the screenplay to download below.

Script Sunday League-2


Thanks for your interest.

Further reading:

Read an excerpt from an earlier screen play, The Local,  here.

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