‘Think of a memory. Something important to you. Go on. The first thing that comes into your head. Allow the memory to come to you. Go deeper into it. In the next ten minutes, I want you to write about it. Consider the images, colours, textures, rhythms and sounds that you associate with that moment. Go.’
Jonathan  Ogilvie
AFTRS Screenwriting Course, 2018  Continue reading


Anton was banned for drink driving and he lost his mining job when he lost his licence. Now, mining in Australia isn’t the same as it was in 1920’s Barnsley – Anton was on 185 thousand Aussie dollars but now he had to get about this small town, south of Perth, on a skateboard. It seemed a kind of odd way for a forty-odd year old bloke. He was a bit like a too-old Linkin Park fan. Continue reading

Sunday League: A Feature Film Screenplay by Peter Boydell. Draft 2.

When the manager of a rough, local, Sunday League football team dies, a vicar steps into his boots and begins a journey to reclaim his joy in life.

Set in the imaginary story world of Netherton, Vicar Robert is a hunky but somewhat repressed, mid-30’s vicar in charge of Netherton St. Chad’s Church. Struggling with his back-story of loss, Vicar Robert delivers a boring funeral for Ronny, Manager of The Ship F.C. At the funeral he meets an old friend, Denny Pilchards. Denny and Vicar Robert played football together as kids but while Denny went on to play for Northford Albion and England, Robert met a girl and their paths split. Re-united, Denny is the catalyst for Vicar Robert to have one last foray into football and set a course to reclaim his joy in life. Continue reading

The Other People

Meet the Callengelly clan AKA El Banditos – El Denuardo, Tecno Mama, Precious Jade Unicorn, The Vincinatti Kid and Cassington Bear. The perfect hybrid family of vivacious Bradfordian, Ruth Callaghan and crooning panther of love, Aussie Den. Vince came out of Ruth’s fangina whereas Jade and Cassie arrived from another magical place, with Den’s expert input. Continue reading

Art de Vivre Yoga Retreat. Bali. May 14-19 2018.

Art de Vivre Yoga Retreat
Central Bali, North of Ubud.
May 14 – 19 2018.
For more information visit:

In Spring, the wonderful Collette Davis ( and @thematmovement ) and yours truly will be hosting another luxury yoga retreat together, this time in Bali. We’ll be preparing some yogic and culinary treats for our guests, inspired from our Asian travels.

It would be lovely to have you with us.  Continue reading

Scoot Hairways

‘Do we get food on the plane, babe?’

She’s no idea. We’re about to take the 3.5 hour arc from lanky Hong Kong to expensive Singapore where we’ll connect to the as yet unknown Perth. Perth – btw – sounds like purse with a lisp.

As we bank all wibbly-wobbly over the wibbly-wobbly reservoirs descending into our destination, I reminisce over my earlier idiocy. Continue reading