Chivalry’s truly dead here

Anxious and grimacing sex desperadoes. Massively overweight, sweaty and grease-laden, mulleteer perverts, all laced to eyeballs with Singha and STD’s. Thai hookers get a really awful deal.

Wandering into Bus Stop – a bar on Sukhumvit Road – for a Pad Thai and a pineapple juice, every old and lonely cowboy stairs with gross coital quantification at Collette’s body. Real zombies of sex. These guys are all gonna drink on cheap booze and then stuff it in a little Thai girl who’s poor and needs cash. Clammy bellies pounding.

I’m not sure if this is a puddle or last night’s cum. There’s all sorts of shame on these streets. Don’t put your fingers near your mouth, the rats have AIDS.


Stuck in the middle

The 40-year old hang out

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