The Best Writers’ Retreats in Bali for 2019

Bali’s Writing Retreats of 2019

Publish Me Now

Write Your Chapter and Become a Best-Selling Author

KUTA – Hard Rock Café
7 Days
1 – 8 June 2019
$15,000 AUD (price includes 500 printed soft-copy books)

Quite who these lifestyle authors are who meet in Hard Rock Café in Kuta is anyone’s guess. Once you’ve deconstructed the blurb, this is quite a useful concept to those that want to self-publish and sell on Amazon for Kindle. You just have to put up with it being in the worst possible venue and you’ve to have faith that those proofing your book didn’t proof the advert.

Global Hobos

A Wannabe Bloggers’ Retreat. Hang with the Global Hobo crew, ‘the definitive hub for world-savvy dirtbags’. 

1 month
June 24 – July 21 2019

A surf-town bridge between study and real life. Blog-centric stuff for travel, pop culture, surf and skate media. Twin-shared bungalows in the rice paddies with Bahasa and cooking lessons. It all looks like great fun, but there are some odd promises, like avoiding the tourist vortex – whilst making a tour guide – and the allusion that your lecturer mightclass the retreat as a credit for your degree. Really?

Alicia Dattner’s Solo Showdown Bali Bliss

A 10-Day Writing & Storytelling Immersion Adventure

10 Days (7 writing 3 on the beach)
9 – 19 March
Early Bird starts at $2597 AUD

Wow. This promises to be hilarious and absolutely jam-packed. Write your memoir, solo show, or comic monologue with a spiritual AF comedienne. And do it in the most bizarre, bright and multipartite fashion imaginable. This is ‘one part tropical dream vacation’, one part digital detox, one part laughter yoga, one part shamanic journey but ‘all parts good.’ You also visit every single landmark of note in Bali. Believe it or not, this is real. Sold? 

Acri for Academics

Co-working For ProductivityAcademic Writers’ Retreat with Dr Bronwyn Eager

7 Nights
Two dates: 6 – 13 July & 13 -20 July 2019
$1480 AUD

ROAM is a trendy co-working space that’s got a lot of uses. But you can rent one in any city in the world. Surely Ubud is more about nature, jungle and art, not glass, projectors and strip lights. Bring your academic papers, thesis chapters or grant proposals because this one is for scholars, PhD students and professors. Go on, sir.

Writers Journey Residency

Suited to writers working on long-term projects

2 – 8 April 2019
6 days in April
$2195 AUD

A keenly focused environment to really progress your words. Lap it up in an ocean view B&B that’s owned by a publisher. Swish. If you haven’t done what you need to do at the end of the retreat, you can stay on longer in a self-guided way. Now that’s good. Great feedback has come in abundance for these ladies and we highly recommend a retreat that both recognizes and values Balinese culture.

Writing Retreat Bali

7 nights. 6 writers. One seriously playful writing retreat.

7 nights
15 – 22 October 2019 – just before the Ubud Writers’ Festival
Early Bird starts at £500 GBP
Writers with serious credentials. BBC New Voice Andy Craven-Griffiths, AFI nominated screenwriter, Stephen Davis and Freelance Journo for the likes of NYT, The Guardian and Al Jazeera, Nathan A. Thompson, take a day each. Fresh from writing a feature biog on the Thai cave rescue, Finnish Novelist, Johanna Elomaa leads a day, as do Penguin published, Clare Fisher and global Copywriter, Collette Davis. Playfulness, integrity, a stellar lineup and amazing value at a great location. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.

Mount Agung in Bali viewed from Pejeng Village near to Ubud

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Curiosity ad Anti-Venom to Fear - The Snake Man of Ubud

A seriously playful writing retreat

Writing Retreat Bali

15 – 22 October 2019

Bali Swasti Conscious Village, Ubud

The Complaints Book will be there and so should you. Search your soul for meaning, create characters for screen, sell a news story, understand narrative position, craft poetry and build a copywriting portfolio.

Perfectly timed, just before the Ubud Writers’ Festival.

7 nights. 6 Writers.

A New York Times Journalist, a Copywriter for global brands, a Glastonbury Poetry Slam Winner, an AFI Nominated Screenwriter and two celebrated Novelists will play Pied Piper to 7 nights and 6 glorious days in the beautiful nature of Ubud.

Visit for the full scoop.

All The Dead Cowards

A poem

Forget courage.

Forget the knotted stomach that sickens. 

Forget the struggle for steadying breath, 

for the flickering glimpse of consciousness coming.


where foldings become unfoldings and fear subsides to simplest truth.

Forget all that is possible if you’d 









Forget risk.

Bury the dice.

No more chance.

No problems.

No growth.

And the world gets smaller.


Painlessly ambling from coward’s death to coward’s death and to a coward’s grave.

A death you choose 




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With love

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Through the Grime Smiles

Drive your own road

Ninety-five percent of the books left by travellers on the foisty shelves of warungs in Ubud fall into these categories:


yoga and meditation


books about Bali and Lonely Planets

Russian stuff (Spy shit? Who knows? Could be anything, frankly)

So, ‘Gridlock’ by Ben Elton, a 90’s comedy about a paraplegic embroiled in the corrupt motor industry, stood out like a set of fluffy dice in a Rover 800. Continue reading