Words For Good

Writing Retreat Bali raises money for Indo book charity

At Writing Retreat Bali, guests were challenged with writing a short passage that could be used in an anthology. It was a fun exercise with a truly amazing group from all around the world. Proceeds from book sales go to Ransel Buku, a project that supplies communities in Kilimantan with children’s books.

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Here’s a short musing from the book.

Squiggle Into The Abyss

Thinking of what to write can be god-awful.

Inspiration treasure can seem locked in lead soup.

Nothing’s right and your brain’s like yesterday’s porridge. And that was shit when you made it.

Time ticks and words don’t click, mix or fix.

Your mind plays flibble-bloozie and the next idea will always be better than the one you have in the current.

Won’t it? 

Flibble-bloozie-porridge-nonsense-fuck-my-mind-and-this-pen. No, it really won’t. 

To be a writer, writing can really help. Even if it means just squiggling about not knowing what the hell to squiggle about, squiggle. 

Slip the words out and let them flow like rainbow trout. Create squiggles of ink where once there were none, and one day your squiggles might make a song, a book, a film or the finest of fine speeches. Your squiggling could cheer some poor soul, de-ignorize some chump, or chance upon some cosmic and profound revelation. 

And as we spiral through a seemingly endless vacuum on a cooling ball of molten rock at 67,000 miles per hour like a firework to uncertainty, play. Why not? Have you got anything better to do in spacetime?

Drop your hang-ups coz nobody is holding onto them but you. Get over yourself and write words goddammit. Write words for love. Write words for smiles and make people laugh. Save some sad bastard’s life and have some fun. 

Show the world that it’s OK to care and not to care. It’s ok to disrupt, caress, provoke, heal, joke, fuck and splatter. But always know that behind it all, you see the funny side. Folk that miss the funny side miss the real beauty.

Worry won’t help, but a laugh can save a spirit.


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