On Fighting On

I’m very pleased that this poem, written in India in June, is now in print and available to buy. Perfect as a socialist stocking filler.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 15.51.55

‘On Fighting On’ is an anthology of selected poems from entries to The Bread And Roses Poetry Award 2017. The purpose of the award is to encourage poets to focus on themes which are meaningful to working class people and communities and to encourage those communities to engage more with poetry. Entrants were given the opportunity to deal broadly with working class life and culture and show commitment to the common people, the common good and the common music of poetry.

The poem, ‘Pillars’ is inspired by people, mostly met while working in the lift industry. I entered three poems and actually, Pillars was the worst of the three, but hey, what does anyone know about these things?

You can buy a copy of the anthology here for a fiver plus postage.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks for reading.

More poems by me:

See my entries to the competition: here.

Watching a Fly on a Slate Table

Under A Tree in Rishikesh

Through The Grime


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