Excerpt From ‘The Local’ Draft 1: A Screenplay By Peter Boydell

This screenplay is a ‘rite of passage’ or ‘institutionalised’ type of story where our young hero, ‘PETE’ and his friends: DUNC, GRIFF and PODGE get themselves involved in something unexpectedly dark when they skip school.  The story is a tragic-comedy, set over just three days in a Northern town.  The screenplay carries themes and motifs of a small town culture, racism, the effects of alcoholism, broken family and hope.

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Bag Packing Tips for Thailand: With Hazel Keeley.

Rejecting the hullabaloo and excess of the Western world for a month of freedom in the East means you can throw a few vests in a bag and everything’s hunky-dory. Passport. Check. Wallet. Check. Vests. Check. Undies. Check.

However, prioritising the pure necessities for a rough and ready back-packing trip when you have a limited number of litres in your rucksack can present it’s own dilemmas. Here, our guest back-packing legend and seasoned traveler, Hazel Keeley gives her tips on keeping packing to a minimum. Continue reading

A Poem: Under A Tree In Rishikesh

Parmath Niketan ashram by the Ganges in Rishikesh was our base for a week after we escaped the 46 degree heat of the Indian desert.  In the ashram we rested, ate incredibly healthily and practiced yoga.

Under a tree in the pretty, lush gardens by the yoga school (which is incidentally just next to the World Toilet College) Collette and I took a couple of hours to relax surrounded by the butterflies, colour shifting lizards, tropical birds and insects before we were rudely disturbed by the rhesus macaques. I was writing plenty of poems during the peace of this time and here is one inspired by the garden beasties.

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Poem Boner

Greetings from Luang Prabang in Laos.

Since January and as we have been travelling,  I have been having fun writing screenplays, a book and some poems.  I am learning a lot and I am definitely getting better.  I love it.  I’ve learnt some new words ‘n’ that ‘n’ all like vermiculate and penumbra.  And kerfs.  Gonna use ’em.  I am thrilled that the poem, ‘Pillars’ below has been selected from a competition (which had entrants from all over the world) to be printed in a real book made out of paper and everything.  I have a proper poem boner.
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The Abandoned Construction Site: An Excerpt From Red Moon

Whilst in India I have started to write a book.  I’m calling the book Red Moon and here’s an early excerpt.  The book centres around disappearances of young people in Goa.  The initial inspiration was supplied by some spooky events in Pondicherry.   This is the second post related to the book.  You can read the other by clicking the link at the end. Enjoy!  Or not as the case may be…
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The Bread and Roses Poetry Competition

Hello and good day to all

Please find below my three poems as entries to your fabulously apt poetry competition. I am early, like all good boy scouts and I believe I have met the brief and provided verses true to the commoner, the common good and the music of poetry.
My important details are as follows:

Name: Peter Boydell
Email: peter.boydell@hotmail.co.uk
Phone number: +44(0)161 406 7038
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