A Poem: With Love. And Monkey Business in Ubud.

Waking up and writing love poems in bed in Ubud, Bali. A lovely way to start the day. ¬†This one was forged as part of a reading for a friend’s wedding.

With Love

With love, eyes radiate pure light. And faces soften.

With love, to cry is to be free. Miracles often.

With love, strength is found and the ground firm.

With love, the heart is warmed. Fear unlearned.

With love, kindness is obvious and work is joy, sown.

With love, the meaningful presents and the right way is known.

With love, there are no enemies. Everything gives.

With love, all the goodness that will ever come, lives.

With love

Photos: The photos below are from a day out in Ubud. First stop, Setya, a local landlady, then out on the scooter. At Monkey Forest the little scamps played amongst ancient banyans in the valley. The flowers are amazing. Meet Tut, a local dude who hand carves little wooden statues.  After Tut , it was time for fruit and veg shopping and a little visit to an art store.

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