Tres Posh Yoga Retreat in Ibiza Part Trois

Can Amonita
September 23rd-28th 2018.
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The wonderful Collette Davis ( and @thematmovement ) and yours truly will be hosting another yoga retreat at our favourite Ibizan-villa-in-a-pine-forest in September 2018. We’ll be getting ninja on some yogic and culinary treats, nicked from Asia during our travels. 4.3 billion people can’t be wrong can they? Pow!

It would be lovely to have you with us.


Collette will do it in long, deep, meditative mornings. She’ll go into our core, connect to our details and sensitize ourselves to each moment so we can not only get stronger, and take our asana up to the next level, but we can become more alive. More alert. More intensely aware of what is happening in our bodies and how to listen through the sweetest refinement of presence. It will be strong but super sensitive in the mornings and nothing but restorative in the evenings. With bolsters and blankets and wide open space where you can be held and healed as we allow our bodies to rest completely. And, of course, there’s partner massage too.


I’ll be whizzing up some super-delicious food. We start from a place of wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and super-healthy vegetarian, with some eggy and cheesy treats if you don’t want to go full-on vegan. Either way, you’ll have a load of new recipes to taste and take home. You’ll feel mega-nourished. I promise.


We are so happy to have booked this special treat. Come and rest with us. Lie by the pool. Walk in the forest. Meditate, practice, write, draw, dance, paint, laugh, cry, snooze, and come back to balance. It’s gonna be proper.

For more information, retreats, recipes, classes and testimonials go to:

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