I Don’t Want To Kick A Dog In The Face

Eggs away! I’m letting go of dairy, eggs and fish for September. Enjoying a mostly plant based diet anyway, I’ve been irrationally granting an exception for these three animal food groups. Why? I’m not sure. It’s possible that it’s the last bastion of my psychological meaty-conditioning. Regardless, with time, I feel more and more distressed eating them. And hell, I could just eat something else. Continue reading

Bag Packing Tips for Thailand: With Hazel Keeley.

Rejecting the hullabaloo and excess of the Western world for a month of freedom in the East means you can throw a few vests in a bag and everything’s hunky-dory. Passport. Check. Wallet. Check. Vests. Check. Undies. Check.

However, prioritising the pure necessities for a rough and ready back-packing trip when you have a limited number of litres in your rucksack can present it’s own dilemmas. Here, our guest back-packing legend and seasoned traveler, Hazel Keeley gives her tips on keeping packing to a minimum. Continue reading